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Here are my images I have constructed for one of my ideas for my FMP I think I may use this idea as I really like how it connects to communication within the was the images are disguised as sensory cards  informing the viewer what it is within the image displayed within them and within the way the idea has a range of different techniques within them allowing me to have a free rein over how I want to take / design my cards.


I started my image above by first creating  my photo of the girl within a confused state of mind by having my model stand in the middle of a set up studio with a gel light that was projecting orange light upon her. I then took the image on a slow shutter of 10 seconds while she moved her head to add a sense of blurriness and confusion within the image.  After this I then placed the image into camera raw were I manipulated the image and removed the blemishes within the background. Once I was happy with my editing I decided to place it into inDesign to finish off turning it into a card by first  making a square template to make the sides even to the eye. I then used the square tool to make a square that covered the background within this square I placed the colour black to form the background. I then used the frame tool to place in the image of the confused girl into the black background within a square frame, I also placed a pink box under the image using the shape tool for the text and to capture the eye. I then decided to add texture to the box at the bottom by using the polygon tool to add these shapes multiple times within the pink box I then decided to manipulate the ankers within this shapes using the pen tool and the direct selection tool to change the shape of the objects making them more modern to the eye. The thing I like about this cards the way the colours complement each other and the way the lines and shapes make the eyes travel towards the main image within the card. doggienewformat

I also tried making a very simple design when making my cards as I wanted to see how this would change my images point of view. I found the image to stand out more to the writing and the writing  looked less distracting to the eye without objects around it but I decided against this option as I thought it was too simple for my idea and I thought it didn’t express my ideas too much, as I wanted the viewer to have to search within the piece looking for an answer to their questions showing my message of communication and dis-communication within the card.



For my next image I decided to use the same format but to change some elements within adding two lines within the piece framing the writing  and by making the text smaller , changing the colour and more connected to the background. I also looked at changing the sizes of the lines to change the way the eyes would engage with the image by making the top line bigger then the bottom one and slightly off from each other to attract the eye inwards to the text.


For this image I decided to make it related to sea life as I wanted a variety within my images and I also wanted something that would standout from my other cards. I also wanted my image to hide different meanings within it like lonesomeness, feeling blue and hard to talk to but I wanted it to be something the viewer had to find / express for themselves. When creating this image I decided to use the shapes tool to make a pattern within the box below the image to hide the text and to confuse the viewer to make them search for a message that would relate to the image but wouldn’t help them to explain what it was as they needed to find it out for themselves.


when doing this image I wanted to show movement and travel within the image and within the card so I decided to use my image of my double exposure to show movement giving the viewer the ideas they were on a journey. I also decided to make a complicated and missed up text box below using shapes and lines to give the feeling of confusion and chaos to the viewer. I think I have done well within this image above as I feel it draws in the viewer with its different textures and feel of atmosphere within certain parts.


FMP photos

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These are my final images I decided to do these as I wanted a series of images that could express what a person was thinking / communicating but at the same time was hidden within a subject or theme. I did this by  looking into speech problems, mental health and autism and seeing how they are treated and how people communicate with each other with these problems using sensory cards, hand gestures , and visual aids.  When making these I decided to turn them into poker cards as I thought this would be another way people can interact and connect with the message. I am also planning to turn them into my own form of sensory fan but I am not sure at the moment how it is going to work due to sensory fans usually being round not square.

presenting how going to do it

I’m planing to present my final pieces not within frames as I feel I have used frames too much with my presentation over the course of my L3 photography and feel like having a change within my work.

I decided to make my presentation  express my theme by thinking about how it could communicate with my audience. I thought about having  my images placed within a game format to get my audience playing with my images and understanding my images more by interacting with them looking more in-depth within the content.

2017-05-21 (3)(1).png

This is one of the many make your own card sites I have been looking at to make my cards for the show.



I have also thought about maybe using green velvet for presentation to make the cards look as if they are within a casino and to stop light distracting the viewers from them.

other card sites:


I also have thought about turning the images into some kind of sensory fan / board to show a connection to communication problems and to make the understanding of the project more easy for the viewer within the way it is presented.


Image of a sensory fan above

The second go in the studio


Here are images I have done to expanded on my last shoot within the  studio and to experiment within new and exciting ideas I had come up within the last couple of days. I did this by using glow in the dark paint that I had painted on pieces of paper to express emotions and colour gels to add feeling to the images.

I did have some problems within this shoot, thought as when taking the photos not all of the pieces of paper  with the glow in the dark paint would show when I took the images  and I think this was because of the lack of light absorbed within the paint or because of the amount of light within the room.

research into communication/ non communication


Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.

You can also do this by using images to pass information along to other person or by using hand gestures (sign language), body language or braille.

The image below is of a sensory fan this is used for people with autism and with other speech impeachments to help them to communicate with other people easier.


I am thinking of using this kind of layout for when I place my final images up in the show within college as I like how the sensory fan tells a story and I also like how it is a very simple but effective design.


Here are some videos about communication and art below





In the Studio trying out stuff

Here are my original images from a shoot I have done in the studio using light drawing and gel lights to form images of a communicative nature.

Below are the images I have formed using a gel light and a touch by  drawings around my model. I think this images look very creative due to the way I have formed the light around her body and by the way I have positioned her but I do think I can improve by drawing the light more sturdily and by having more of a theme to the images as I feel not all of the images connect with each other.

I have also decided to do some simplistic, dramatic images of sea objects to saw a different view of ideas for me to form my work into. e.g a simple shape sounded with black conferring a message to the viewer.

I think I could have improved these by maybe having more of a selection of objects and by using more simple objects to tell a story e.g having a set of dolls or watches that all connect to tell a story as this didn’t really connect due to the lack of objects.

Brick Lane

Here are images I  have taken of graffiti in Brick Lane to inspire ideas into communication and, to help me think of more exciting ideas within my FMP to do with colour, texture and how to get my message across to the subject/ viewer. I have decided to try maybe a street feel within my photography when I am creating my final images or by making the photos look bright and colorful like a painting to make them interesting to the viewer.

Now online for the magazine

Here is my online magazine.

Research into photographers

Cindy Sherman

Cynthia MorrisCindySherman (born January 19, 1954) is an American photographer and film director, best known for her conceptual portraits. In 1995, she was the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship.


untitled , date: 1975

untitled, date: 2010

Shortly after her birth, her family moved to the township of Huntington, Long Island, where her father worked as an engineer for Grumman Aircraft.Her mother taught reading to children with learning difficulties. In 1972, Sherman enrolled into the visual arts department at Buffalo State College, where she began painting. She would on occasion dress up as alternate characters and go out to the town like this. Frustrated with what she saw as the medium’s limitations, she abandoned the form and took up photography.


Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.24.38

I think Cindy Sherman photography is very formal within the way she lays out her subjects within her work making it look as if they have been positioned within a manner to capture the eye of the viewers to the image.I also like this as she mainly uses herself within her photography or a feminine presence making her images have a lighter side within them comforting feel to them.


Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger (born January 26, 1945) is an American conceptual artist and collagist. Much of her work consists of black-and-white photographs overlaid with declarative captions—in white-on-red Futura Bold Oblique or Helvetica Ultra Condensed. The phrases in her works often include pronouns such as “you”, “your”, “I”, “we”, and “they”, addressing cultural constructions of power, identity, and sexuality. Kruger lives and works in New York and Los Angeles.

Questions , date:1991


Untitled (your body is a battleground), 1989 - Barbara Kruger

Date: 1989

Talk with the artist Barbara Kruger on YouTube.

I think Barbara’s work has some structure of Dada within it as she has constructed her work using different forms of magazines  and photography using collage techniques to form her work. I also like the way she has placed text within her work that reflects her art and complements its ability’s.


Nick Knight

Nick Knight OBE (born 1958) is a British fashion photographer and founder and director of He is an honorary professor at University of the Arts London and was awarded an honorary Ph.D. by the same university. He has produced books of his work including retrospectives Nicknight (1994) and Nick Knight (2009). In 2016, Knight’s 1992 campaign photograph for fashion brand Jil Sander was sold by Phillips auction house

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.00.52.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.01.09.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.01.54.png

I think Nick Knight’s work is very different to other fashion photographers work due to the facts he adopts other material within his images that aren’t usually seen within photography like paint, makeup and plastic to disfigure the models and the image to the eye.




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