I’m planing to present my final pieces not within frames as I feel I have used frames too much with my presentation over the course of my L3 photography and feel like having a change within my work.

I decided to make my presentation  express my theme by thinking about how it could communicate with my audience. I thought about having  my images placed within a game format to get my audience playing with my images and understanding my images more by interacting with them looking more in-depth within the content.


2017-05-21 (3)(1).png

This is one of the many make your own card sites I have been looking at to make my cards for the show.



I have also thought about maybe using green velvet for presentation to make the cards look as if they are within a casino and to stop light distracting the viewers from them.

other card sites:




I also have thought about turning the images into some kind of sensory fan / board to show a connection to communication problems and to make the understanding of the project more easy for the viewer within the way it is presented.


Image of a sensory fan above